Steps to make reservations

1. Review house rules (non-negotiable).
2. Select/Decide on desired event/rates:
. . . a. Flashlight tour.
. . . b. Mini-Investigation.
. . . c. Public Investigation.
. . . d. Private Investigation.
. . . e. Special Event.
. . . (Please be sure all participants meet age restrictions).
3. Select an available date for your visit. Calendar of Availability.
4. Make reservation, via
. . . a. Online calendar(preferred).
. . . b. Call us at 855-55-SPOOK (855-557-7665).
5. Payment (prepayment, in full, required before reservation is confirmed).
. . . a. Paypal (preferred, via Online calendar) :-]
. . . b. Cash (in-person, do NOT mail cash!)
6. Download and sign release waivers (must be presented arrival to property).
7. Familiarize yourself with our download;
. . . a. Floorplans
. . . b. Reference Sheets
. . . c. Release/Waivers

House Rules

(for more details, Click here):
1. ALL visitors require signing waiver upon entry. Download here.
2. No smoking in house. (smoking must be at least 8ft from entrance)
3. Be MATURE and RESPONSIBLE. (Um… If we need to explain this, don’t bother coming to this house.)
4. No illegal substances/activities at/on property.
5. No weapons/firearms of any kind allowed on property. (None/Nada/Nil/Zip/Zilch! Our mission is to introduce you to ghosts, not becoming one.)
7. Every person must wear SHOES of some sort while in the house. (Preferrably soft-soled ‘tennies’/sneakers). This is not a cemetery/graveyard, but an indoor location. There is no need for hiking boots here. No ‘crocs’, flip-flops/sandals, ballet slippers, etc… no ‘open-toe’ footwear; It must cover toes, have a ‘soul’ (er, we mean sole), and strap onto your feet.
8. Respect the property and other guests (Yep, this IS part of being mature and responsible).
9. No chicken mutilations allowed… (Goats, maybe, but no chickens!) [Don’t ask… Something about the owner saying a chicken might be his reincarnated uncle..]
10. Heed all other rules for if you’re caught breaking any of them, you’re out, losing any monies paid.

NOTE: Due to recent (and long-time occurring) events, guest/visitor consumption of alcoholic beverages is no longer permitted on-property.

Event Rates

*Reservations required for all events*, not all events are offered all night.

Flashlight Tours      $10/person

History and lore of the property, house, and occupants. Included is a brief overview of paranormal activity. Tours at 8pm or 9pm (depending on sunset) via reservations only. Check our upcoming events page for next scheduled flashlight tours (usually 3rd Friday of the month)

Mini-Investigation      $20/person (2hr), $30/person (3hrs),$40/person (4hrs)
Same as Flashlight tours, but guests are allowed to conduct their own mini-investigation for 1 hour after the tour . (1 hr tour + 1 hr mini-investigation = 2 hours in house). NOTE: These events are available on select dates throughout the year, such as, but not limited to; 3rd Friday of each month, Persimmons Festival (last full week of September), and during October/Halloween season (October), etc… Check upcoming events for dates.

Public Investigation (Details/Description)      $25-40/person (Usually 3rd Friday of the month, check upcoming events for details and price).

Access to entire house. Note: This option is only offered on nights that private investigations are not scheduled. This option includes flashlight tours. No sleeping on premises. NOTE: These events are available on select dates throughout the year, such as, but not limited to; 3rd Friday of each month, Persimmons Festival (last full week of September), and during October/Halloween season (October), etc… Check upcoming events for dates.

Private Investigation  (Details/Description)      $300-400/night (see below)

Access to entire house. Other than host(s), no other occupants for entire night. (For up to the 10 persons (maximum recommended). Addtl. $20/person over 10 ppl.,Maximum of 20 persons). Flashlight tours are provided at start of investigation.

Sunday – Thursday nights                   $300/night
            8pm – 6am (next morning)
Friday/Saturday nights                        $400/night
            8pm – 6am (next morning)


Sorry, we no longer offer “rooms”, but check back soon, we may bring this back!

NOTE: For safety concerns, some areas/rooms may be inaccessible during renovations.

Calendar of Availability

Click here to view our Calendar


Age restrictions:
. . Flashlight tours: 8+ years
. . Mini Investigations: 18+ years
. . Public Investigations: 18+ years
. . Private Investigations: 18+ years
. . Dr’s Quarantine: 18+ years
. . SPECIAL EVENTS (Like October 30/31st): 18+ years

Dress code:
. . Due to the nature of the above listed activities (and the sheer volume of persons in the house in close-proximity), ALL participants MUST wear some form of strapped, closed-toed, shoes (no crocs, flipflops, slippers, etc…)


Flashlight Tours (1hr):
* Take a flashlight tour through the “4th Most Terrifying Place in America” (Travel Channel, October 2010)
* Learn about the house’s history, legend/lore, paranormal activity.

Mini Investigations (3-4hrs**):
* Investigate the paranormal activity with Whispers Estate.
. (Includes Flashlight Tour).