Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Please see notes at bottom for duration of events, ages, dress, etc…

(Dates/Times subject to change… Please check back often)
Upcoming events page last updated June 21, 2016.

NOTE: Please CALL US (at 855-557-7665) to make a reservation for any of the following events.

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 Special Events


Age restrictions:
. . Flashlight tours: 8+ years
. . Mini Investigations: 18+ years
. . Private Investigations: 18+ years
. . Dr’s Quarantine: 18+ years
. . SPECIAL EVENTS (Like October 30/31st): 18+ years

Dress code:
. . Due to the nature of the above listed activities (and the sheer volume of persons in the house in close-proximity), ALL participants MUST wear some form of strapped, closed-toed, shoes (no crocs, flipflops, slippers, etc…)


Flashlight Tours (1hr):
* Take a flashlight tour through the “4th Most Terrifying Place in America” (Travel Channel, October 2010)
* Learn about the house’s history, legend/lore, paranormal activity.

Mini Investigations (2-4hrs**):
* Investigate the paranormal activity with Whispers Estate.
. (Includes Flashlight Tour).

Dr.’s Quarantine
Can YOU survive* in this house, ALONE, as in YOURSELF!!?! Let’s find out!   Each participant will be fitted with: a helmet cam (maybe), one (1) lightsource (flashlight/glowstick). Oh… and you only get 1 set of new batteries, that’s it, so don’t waste them. Conditions: For this event, it’s just you and the clothes on your back (see ‘shoes’ in dress code)! Yep, that means no cellphone/tablets/media players, no outside communication, and NO SLEEPING.  Precautions: To ensure your safety, staff will be monitoring participants via live, closed-circuit, audio/video streams.  Please review rules/conditions for this event. If they make you uncomfortable, or you are unable to comply, then please do not apply for this event. Participation in this event is at your own risk.

Persons interested in being a ‘patient’ this event, please call us at 855-557-7665 for interview. Successful patients will be notified no later than Sept 15, 2015.  *Patients must be 18 years or older to be admitted into the quarantine, and only 3 patients will be chosen per event night.*


Dates: TBD 2015.
Price: $125 pre-paid, non-refundable (unless event is cancelled/postponed).
Time:  Quarantine event 7:00pm-7:00am, but patients must report to Whispers Estate garage (behind house) at 6:30pm.
Restrooms: Patients will have option of bio-breaks every ~2 hours.
Clothing: All patients must wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.

Brief Outline

  • Patients will be provided with one glow stick only.
  • Patients will be blindfolded and escorted to their first room.
  • Patients will receive instructions via ear-piece on walkie-talkie from staff.
  • Patients will spend a set amount of time in 12 chosen rooms throughout the house.
  • If at any time, patient is unable to continue quarantine due to intense fear, they will notify staff and will be removed from quarantine, ending their time in the quarantine.
  • Prizes awarded based on time spent in the quarantine (see prize chart)


  • All patients must sign Whispers Estate waiver and follow all house rules.
  • Patients will be ALONE at all times and must not speak to any other patients.
  • Patients must be able to ‘go’ 12 hours without smoking & minimal eating & drinking.
  • Water & light snack will be provided during the quarantine.
  • Patients are not allowed any electronic ‘gadgets’ during the event, including, but not limited to; cellphones, cameras, media-players, etc. unless otherwise pre-approved by quarantine staff. (If in doubt, ask!)
  • No sleeping allowed in the house during this special event.
  • Only one patient per household for this event

Patients that break, or fail or unable to comply, with any of the above conditions, will automatically fail the challenge/event, be ‘discharged’ and must immediately leave property.


  • Honorable mention and their photo on website, newsletter, facebook.
  • Special t-shirt, commemorative.
  • weekday private investigation for 6ppl (total) and 1 large pizza. (Sun-Thur) exception for dates apply. (redeemable between December-March or July-November)

** NOTE:  Event subject to change.  Rules and conditions apply.  Whispers Estate is not responsible for lost or stolen items, so please leave all valuables at home (or your car, or with a friend).

Please review rules/conditions for this event. If they make you uncomfortable, or you are unable to comply, then please do not apply for this event. Participation in this event is at your own risk.