We’ve done our best to anticipate and answer questions you may have. If you have a question which isn’t answered here, please email us at whispersestate@gmail.com.

2011-01-12  A sincere message from the owner.
I first visited this house in Sept 2007, and was floored by all the paranormal activity I experienced here. (and quite honestly, I almost soiled my britches!). Since that visit, I came back most every other weekend afterwards until buying the house in early 2008. This place/business is no longer a bed-and-breakfast, it hasn’t been for a couple years now. I chose to open my business as a ‘consulting’ firm; “Go here in this room, at this time, ask the ghost about this, say that, do this, do that,…” etc… And hopefully you, too, would be able to experience some of the wildest things you’ve ever could. This isn’t a profitable business, believe me; with all the costs associated with this 116+ year old house (the mortgage, insurance, utilities, upkeep for cleaning, lawn, repairs, (Oh my goodness, the repairs alone are horrible!), wireless internet at the house, this website, hosting, etc… NOT to mention all the free time myself, or my friends volunteer to help out with renovations, repairs, etc… Even with all the money we take in from private investigations, I have frequently paid ~$1000+/month out of my own pocket each month for the last 5 years. This is a labor of love. While most guests have been responsible and mature during their visits, we continue to have a few irresponsible guests coming into this house treating the house like crap, disrespecting other guests, the hosts, and property/furniture. If you can not behave (like a mature and responsible adult), PLEASE… do NOT visit this house. If you can not be a responsible adult from the time you arrive at this house until the time you leave, you will be asked to leave the property.

At this house, you each have a fabulous opportunity to experience one of the greatest roller-coaster rides in the paranormal field. Please don’t ruin everybody’s chance by being irresponsible.  Please read the new FAQ sections for the house rules.

Ok… Now onto the FAQ

Here are the topics (with SAMPLE questions). Click on the TOPIC for more information about that area.

. . How much does it cost?
. . Is Whispers Estate still a Bed-and-Breakfast?
. . Is there a refrigerator?
. . What access to the kitchen is there?
Reservation Types (Public vs Private, etc…)
. . What’s “Private Investigation’ vs ‘Public Investigation’?
. . What is included in a private investigation?
. . Private Investigations/sleeping accommodations?
. . What’s the difference between reserving all rooms and a private investigation? Paranormal Activity
. . What type of paranormal activity are we sure to get during our visit?
. . What equipment are we allowed to bring to Whispers Estate?
. . What paranormal equipment/practices/activities are not allowed?
. . What are some of the paranormal activities that have occurred at Whispers Estate?
. . What kind of things (paranormal activity) happens there?
. . and, One more time… Just for those that don’t ‘get’ it…
. . Anything else not covered by any other the other topics.
House Rules
. . Detailed information about what the house rules actually mean, and consequences of breaking them.
. . If paying cash at time of scheduled reservation.
Recent Email
. . A screenshot example of an email to which I responded.


How much does it cost?  Please visit our reservations page for details

Is Whispers Estate still a Bed-and-Breakfast?  Well, yes, but the longer we were open, the less and less the casual guests visited and the more paranormal investigators attended. Nowadays, Overnight paranormal investigations are the norm. Overnight visits are provided solely for one of two reasons; 1) paranormal/ghost investigations/hunts. Often times, those persons that visit with intent to party have paranormal activity occur.

Is there a refrigerator?  Yes. Guests have access to the fridge and all contents within (just respect other guests’ property). We try to have a varied selection of sodas as well as bottled water for the guests. Limited quantities of alcohol (beer/wine) are usually available. Hard liquor, however, is not kept on-stock, but you are welcome to bring whatever food/drinks you like. NOTE: Whispers Estate, its owner/operator/representative, DO NOT SELL alcoholic beverages, and only persons of legal drinking-age are permitted to drink alcoholic beverages. We also do NOT sell any food/snacks of any kind.

What access to the kitchen is there?  Guests are welcome to make use of the kitchen to cook, heat/cool food/drinks, as desired (again, just respect the privileges). While we do not have unlimited resources for pots/pans/utensils, attempts will be made to fulfill reasonable requests (Just make sure you contact us prior to your visit).

RESERVATION DIFFERENCES, Private vs Public, etc…

What’s “Private Investigation’ vs ‘Public Investigation’?  Private Investigation: An event that only you/your group is admitted to the house (excluding house personnel (i.e. host(s), owner).  Public Investigation: An event allowing many persons to the house for investigation. Click here for an EXAMPLE of a public investigation.

What is included in a private investigation?  While all guests to Whispers Estate receive a guided tour of the property, along with the history, legend/lore, and paranormal hotspots (both recent and long-standing), a private investigation will guarantee no one but those in your group are allowed on property (not including Whispers Estate host).

Private Investigations/sleeping accommodations?  The business is ‘consulting’ (the closest to ‘paranormal investigation’ the state of Indiana will recognize). Any/All monetary transactions is related to you/your group coming to the house and investigating the paranormal activity that occurs within. Our job is to help you experience it (via consulting; which rooms to enter, when to be in there, etc…). If you/your group decides to sleep at the house, that is up to you. There is NO CHARGE to sleep at the house, But it is up to your group to sort out all overnight arrangements. YOUR group needs to determine, amongst yourselves, who’s going to go where, and who gets to stay in the room with the big, bad, scary ghost, vs the one with the portal, vs the one where the bed shakes, vs the one nobody wants to visit (where a guy named “Al” is already passed out on the couch snoring up a storm). We are allowing you to investigate the paranormal activity in this house, That’s it!

What’s the difference between reserving all rooms and a private investigation?  (Moot, since we no longer offer ‘rooms’) While reserving all rooms might prevent other visitors from staying in the rooms, it does not guarantee a private investigation. There are many times we have last minute guest that stop by the house and ask for a ‘flashlight’ tour, or simply hang out for a few hours. Only reserving a private investigation will guarantee no one but those persons in your group are allowed on property (not including Whispers Estate host). Another thing to consider is that if you don’t get a private investigation your group may have personality conflicts with another group. They may want to party, while you want to ghost hunt. They may be loud and obnoxious, or talk all night while you’re trying to hold EVP sessions. Put simply, Your experience at the house may be less than desired if there are other people that are not part of your group.

What do you mean by a “party place”?  Sorry… We’ve had way too many irresponsible individuals causing problems. While we do not have any objections to you/your group having a few drinks while at the house, we do not want, nor will we allow, anyone to get drunk (The reasons for this should be obvious. If not, google ‘drunk idiots’). With that being said, Persons/Groups are more than welcome to come to Whispers Estate and just hang out, have a few drinks, cook on the grill, order pizza, whatever. As long as all applicable laws are adhered to (i.e. no one under 21 drinking, no drugs, noise ordinances), and the party-goers are respectful of the house, furniture and other visitors, you are welcome to have a party here. However, if you become drunk, you will be asked to leave. NOTE: By any definition of ‘party place’ we do NOT mean to imply we condone the use of drugs at this house. If you even suspected of being under the influence of ANY illegal substances, you will be asked to leave.

What do you mean by “…you will be asked to leave”?  (Haha… This is another one of those topics I’m amazed we have to provide detail on.). This means, If we ask you to leave that means you’ve broken a house rule, been disruptive, disrespectful, etc… and you’re no longer welcome at the house. It also means we want you to leave right then, that moment, immediately. Not tomorrow morning, but ‘NOW’. If you do not initiate leaving the house immediately, our next course of action will be calling the police and having you removed for trespassing. (NOTE: the local police station is, quite literally, right around the corner, and a couple of them have been to the house and love it.)


(I am utterly astounded these need to be explained, but apparently some guests just don’t get it.)

1. ALL visitors require a signed waiver upon entry. Download your waiver here.  What part of “UPON ENTRY” DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!?!? If the host is asleep, wake their ass up! If the host is not currently present, find them, or find the form YOU signed and have them sign it. SERIOUSLY, It protects you in the event of an injury requiring medical attention! And if I find someone brought someone else into the house and up to the 3rd floor/attic into the seance room, and they haven’t signed a waiver, they’re BOTH out, as well as anyone else in their group/party!

2. NO SMOKING IN HOUSE!…(smoking allowed on front porch or lawn) NO EXCEPTIONS!  How simple is this to understand? I know the education system in this country sucks, but this can’t be made ANY simpler.  In fact, I’ll take it a step further. If we even suspect you’ve been trying to open a window to smoke ‘secretly’ in a room, you’re OUT.

3. NO ENTITY CLEANSING, PASSING-ON, BLESSINGS, ETC…  ….OR anything similar to this such as, but NOT limited to, the following synonyms: cleansing, ablution, absolution, absolve, anoint, atonement, baptism, baptize, bathing, beatify, canonize, catharsis, commend, confirm, consecrate, cross, dedicate, depuration, disinfection, distillation, enshrine, eulogize, exalt, expiation, expurgation, extol, forgiveness, freeing, grace, hallow, invoke benefits, invoke happiness, laud, lavation, laving, lustration, make holy, offer benediction, ordain, panegyrize, praise, pray for, pronounce holy, purgation, purge, purifying, rarefaction, rebirth, redemption, refinement, regeneration, salvation, sanctification, sanctify, sprinkle, washing, ETC…  If you have any ‘special abilities’ that you’re just itching to perform that even MIGHT constitute one ofthe above, get out of the house. We WANT the entities in that house, They WANT to be there, we’re FINE with that. If YOU can’t deal with that, LEAVE!

4. Whispers Estate has neighbors and noise ordinances must be adhered to
No problems with typically common sounds/noises for sure, but excessive yelling or screaming, or intentio— You know what… I’m sitting here wondering WHY I actually have to explain this, I mean, really…. Why, people, why do I actually have to explain things this rudimentary?

5. Ouija boards, pendulums, etc…. are ALLOWED.  But no chicken mutilations or human sacrifices, please!

6. Alcohol is allowed on premises (but those that drink must be of legal drinking age)  If you’re under 21 and you haven’t figured this out yet, you’re NOT allowed to drink alcoholic beverages, PERIOD.

7. Always looking for more entities. Got some you don’t want, bring ‘em here. 🙂

8. Respect the property and other guests.  This means, quite simply, be a RESPONSIBLE ADULT. You break it, you bought it. Don’t sneak people into the house that haven’t signed the release/injury waivers, don’t leap onto 100+ year old furniture, don’t come to the house stoned, drunk, and then fornicate up in the attic. Got it? Get it. Got it? good. (Yes, we’ve had some undesirable guests actually do these!)

9. Every person MUST wear SHOES of some sort while in the house, NO EXCEPTIONS.  (No flipflops, crocs, etc…). If you arrive at house without shoes, no entry, PERIOD!  Yeah, shoes or some sort. No Crocs, no clogs, no flip-flops, no sockies, etc… SHOES, Soft soles are fine (like running shoes). This isn’t a graveyard, or abandoned building, so you don’t need hiking boots, which make the whole house shake every step you take, but you need something durable and non-slip because plain socks on finished wooden stairs is NOT GOOD!

10. Leave one Yoo-hoo drink and one hand-full of “Cheez-its” for the owner.  ……Otherwise, help yourselves to what’s in the fridge (with respect to other guests’ property).

Hopefully, I have enough acquaintances/colleagues/friends in this field that can vouch for me and can state that I’m honestly not a jerk, and hopefully, concur that I’m quite easy-going and great to hang out with, but that being said, we have rules. These rules were put in-place to do one of the following (at least, if not more): protect you, protect us, keep costs down.

Ok…. I’m going to be as direct about this as I can; The above are RULES (NOT guidelines), excluding the obvious ‘chicken mutilations’ in #5 and rules #7 and #10. If you break ANY of the house rules, you will get EJECTED. I don’t care if you drove umpteen hundred miles for your chance to check out this kick-ass sofa-king haunted house, If you break ANY ONE of these rules, you will be asked to leave. Got it?! In fact… From now on, If anyone in your group blatantly breaks a rule, the ENTIRE GROUP is OUT!


All reservations (including Private Investigations)  (I’m AMAZED we actually have to include this, but believe it or not, we’ve had this occur as recently as mid-October 2010). The “transaction” for a reservation is for your reservations’ leader/contact/treasury/whatever(!) to pay our host for the full/remaining amount of the total price at the time of arrival. Got that? Here are some scenarios explaining our concern:  Private Investigations: If your group consists of 11 persons, we will NOT accept $50.90 from each member of your group. It is your group’s responsibility to collect the monies from each person in your group (preferrably BEFORE you enter our property), count it up, and present it to our host, who will then re-count/verify the amount in their presence. If the monies do not add up to the required price, it is YOUR groups responsibility to figure out who didn’t pay-up, and/or who’s going to cough up some more to cover the short amount. During the above referenced recent incident, I was told the group’s leader stated “…we paid in full, something doesn’t add up; Maybe we should just take our money and leave…”. The host would’ve been in the full-rights to agree and get them out of the house (rather than deal with that crap).

(This section has turned more into a rant and rave regarding the above referenced incident. Bear with me, I’ve gotta get it out.)  Please understand, I (the owner) fully trust our hosts, COMPLETELY. If I didn’t fully trust them, they wouldn’t be in my house acting in my stead. I will NOT accept anyone coming into this house and treating my designated host(s) like crap (‘crap’ being defined however you like). (Remember, this is NOT Wal-Mart. My hosts/friends/colleagues don’t have to kiss your ass because you’re paying to stay at the house. (you’re not paying enough to abuse the hosts, got that). Whispers Estate hosts ARE authorized to eject guests/groups from the house at their discretion (so stay on their good-side).



What type of paranormal activity are we sure to get during our visit?  Sorry, We can not make any promises/claims to any specific paranormal activities you might encounter.  As any seasoned paranormal investigators can attest to, we can’t flip a switch and have things occur. While the house is actively ‘haunted’, there are nights that nothing occurs. 🙁 Conversely, there are many nights where a lot of paranormal activity occurs before 10-11pm. There are many theories on why activity may/may not occur, but those themselves are theories as well. For more details on specific type of activity, actual accounts, etc… please visit us on facebook.
What equipment are we allowed to bring to Whispers Estate?  Just about anything you can think of, or rather anything I can think of. Any typical ‘ghost hunting’ equipment is definitely allowed; K2/EMF meters, digital/analog recorders (both audio/video), Frank’s box, Ovilus, etc… yes, all allowed. If you have a variation of any of these, they’re allowed. Pendulums, Ouija boards, dowsing rods, bones, cards, yada, yada, yada… yes, those too, are allowed. Anything not typical, however, please contact us to make sure.
What paranormal equipment/practices/activities are not allowed?  No cleansing, purifying, ‘spirit settling’, ‘passing on’, etc… The entities in the house, and on the property, are here of their own volition, and we do not want, nor allow, anything that might make them angry, got it? No conjuring evil things (call them what you want), Bad-Language provocation (We all know what’s being referred to here, if not ask someone you know or contact us for details). No use of illegal substances (eg. drugs), illegal activities (e.g. under-age drinking).

What are some of the paranormal activities that have occurred at Whispers Estate?  and  What kind of things (paranormal activity) happens there?  This web site lists a number of the paranormal activities persons have experienced, here at Whispers Estate. There are too many to list here, but check out the following links for more info. Rooms, History, Links. Aside from those items listed throughout our website, please visit our facebook pages for more examples (including specific instances, which guests write or attest):  Whispers Estate (personal) on Facebook  Whispers Estate (group) on Facebook  Whispers Estate (fan page) on Facebook [listed as ‘company’]  (I screwed up – or facebook did, when trying to create the fan page, so now we have 1 too many, oops).

…and, One more time… Just for those that don’t ‘get’ it…  I feel bad having to place the below on this webpage, but I’m honestly worn out answering some questions, so… 1.Yes… this IS a HAUNTED house… a REAL HAUNTED house. Things, that can not be logically explained, can, and do, occur here. Your entry into the house is your acceptance that you may get the $#!t scared out of you. 2.This is NOT a ‘halloween’ HAUNTED house, Got that? There are no wires, no piped audio, no actors trying to scare you… here it is… everything you experience in this house (excluding the cruel jokes those in your group may play on you), EVERYTHING that occurs in this house is REAL. Got that? REAL! Got that? Get it! Got it? good. 3.Some things you may encounter here can shake the very foundation of your upbringing, your religion, your version of ‘reality’. If you can NOT deal with this, DO NOT come to this house. 4.If the above hasn’t sunk in and you’re thinking about calling us asking ‘stupid’ questions like “is this house really haunted”, or “do the things written on your webpage really happen”, or “now, you can guarantee ‘yada, yada, yada…’, right”, Please understand;
■The actors that portray these historical, and period perfect, characters are in a union.
■The ghost-actors union guild prevents us from being able to provide a guarantee of any kind.
■Some of the actors that we employ have families, too, and they sometimes have to call-in sick.
■I’m a chronically compulsive liar. I just write this webpage for my own amusement. 😛
■I like using geek-speak like :-), :-P, ..!., Oo, WTF, STFU, WTFAYTA, OMG, FTW!
■The webmaster has nothing better to do than spend private time writing this.
■The owner loves spending their income on a house, but don’t have the balls to sleep in.
■And the most important… This is a REAL haunted house.

5.Pregnant women and/or persons with health conditions, PLEASE, consider other venues.

If you are still compelled to call and ask a ‘stupid’ question…
1.No, we can NOT guarantee anything. We can’t flip a switch and turn the ‘ghost-machine’ on.
2.The paranormal is unpredictable.
3.There are busy nights and dead night (no pun intended).
4.We are just as disappointed as the guests whenever we don’t experience activity in the house.
5.No ‘free’ or ‘compensatory’ visits will be provided if ‘nothing happens’ the night you visit.

Ok… Now if you are STILL thinking of calling and ask a stupid question (anything I’ve already tried to convey on this page), please…. stop, go take a nap, come back, re-read this page and pay particular attention to the comment stating this is a “REAL HAUNTED HOUSE”.

(As long as I’m breaking protocol about commentary on this webpage), Here’s a few more things:
1.I don’t particularly care to have someone come into my house, talking smack about how kick-ass of a ghost hunter they are, struting around showing off all their ‘ghost equipment’, challenging/daring the entities in this house to ‘prove’ they exist, etc… only to have you pissing your britches when they scare the s#!t out of you. (yes, this has happened!)
2.No one is scared with something they’ve already encountered, because you already have a frame of reference.
3.Do NOT ruin another person’s experience by trying to be a hero, talking smack, etc…
4.You have NO IDEA about how things ‘really’ are. NO ONE does. This is all guess work, period.
5.When you come to this house, ‘relax’, have a drink. Let ‘them’ come to you. Ghost-hunt, huh? no wonder some people never encounter anything paranormal. Ghost-hunt… sounds almost like a ‘coon-hunt, or fox-hunt.
6.Ok… if nothing paranormal happens, no big deal. It’s a lovely house, in a wonderfully quiet neighborhood. Slow down, have a drink and RELAX for a bit. In fact, having a few drinks will increase your chance of activity (contrary to what ‘professional’ ghost hunters think. Just don’t get drunk, ok?).
7.We can’t guarantee you’ll have anything paranormal occur, but that doesn’t mean the place isn’t haunted. They just might not like you. Please don’t judge the house, or our claims of it being haunted based on one night of inactivity, when so many others continue to have activity. Again… YOU might be the cause for lack of pararnormal activity.
8.While this is a great location for paranormal activity, some friends/colleagues disagree with me on this point; Whispers Estate may not be the best choice for a person’s 1st-time experience into the paranormal. I can’t begin to tell you how many times we’ve had long-time experienced ghost hunters get up, and RUN out of this house! I, myself, was unable to stay in this house by myself the 1st night as owner, even though I had stayed here many times prior as a guest.


ghost-hunting advisor,       question-answerer,      scheduling assistant,       functions promoter,       supplies purchaser,        public relations officer,           webmaster,         former-guest,             and            owner



Got a question NOT addressed/answered here? contact us at 855-55-SPOOK (855-557-7665) or WhispersEstate@gmail.com.







Recent Email (2010-10-13 12:29am):  I recently got an email and sent the following response. Again, I’m NOT in this to take people’s money, I’m NOT a con-artist. I bought the house because of all the weird $#!+ I experienced there, and continue to experience today. If you don’t like my response, or side with the guy that sent this email to me/us, do us all a favor, don’t waste our time (yours and ours!), We believe in this, you don’t have to. If you don’t believe in this crap, but you’re just trying to win points with your spouse by ‘supporting them’ in their interests, then SUPPORT them, damn it! don’t write me bitching about something then complain to them that I was a jerk for not answering your questions, or that I was rude to you. WHY would I ever want someone like this into my house?!  (If you agree with my viewpoint on this…. give me a HELL YEAH! –hehe… or forward ‘this’ to 10 of your friends, LOL! )


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Please see notes at bottom for duration of events, ages, dress, etc…

(Dates/Times subject to change… Please check back often)
Upcoming events page last updated June 21, 2016.

NOTE: Please CALL US (at 855-557-7665) to make a reservation for any of the following events.

Month: Year:
« Prev January 2019 Next »
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Category Key
 Special Events


Age restrictions:
. . Flashlight tours: 8+ years
. . Mini Investigations: 18+ years
. . Private Investigations: 18+ years
. . Dr’s Quarantine: 18+ years
. . SPECIAL EVENTS (Like October 30/31st): 18+ years

Dress code:
. . Due to the nature of the above listed activities (and the sheer volume of persons in the house in close-proximity), ALL participants MUST wear some form of strapped, closed-toed, shoes (no crocs, flipflops, slippers, etc…)


Flashlight Tours (1hr):
* Take a flashlight tour through the “4th Most Terrifying Place in America” (Travel Channel, October 2010)
* Learn about the house’s history, legend/lore, paranormal activity.

Mini Investigations (2-4hrs**):
* Investigate the paranormal activity with Whispers Estate.
. (Includes Flashlight Tour).

Dr.’s Quarantine
Can YOU survive* in this house, ALONE, as in YOURSELF!!?! Let’s find out!   Each participant will be fitted with: a helmet cam (maybe), one (1) lightsource (flashlight/glowstick). Oh… and you only get 1 set of new batteries, that’s it, so don’t waste them. Conditions: For this event, it’s just you and the clothes on your back (see ‘shoes’ in dress code)! Yep, that means no cellphone/tablets/media players, no outside communication, and NO SLEEPING.  Precautions: To ensure your safety, staff will be monitoring participants via live, closed-circuit, audio/video streams.  Please review rules/conditions for this event. If they make you uncomfortable, or you are unable to comply, then please do not apply for this event. Participation in this event is at your own risk.

Persons interested in being a ‘patient’ this event, please call us at 855-557-7665 for interview. Successful patients will be notified no later than Sept 15, 2015.  *Patients must be 18 years or older to be admitted into the quarantine, and only 3 patients will be chosen per event night.*


Dates: TBD 2015.
Price: $125 pre-paid, non-refundable (unless event is cancelled/postponed).
Time:  Quarantine event 7:00pm-7:00am, but patients must report to Whispers Estate garage (behind house) at 6:30pm.
Restrooms: Patients will have option of bio-breaks every ~2 hours.
Clothing: All patients must wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.

Brief Outline

  • Patients will be provided with one glow stick only.
  • Patients will be blindfolded and escorted to their first room.
  • Patients will receive instructions via ear-piece on walkie-talkie from staff.
  • Patients will spend a set amount of time in 12 chosen rooms throughout the house.
  • If at any time, patient is unable to continue quarantine due to intense fear, they will notify staff and will be removed from quarantine, ending their time in the quarantine.
  • Prizes awarded based on time spent in the quarantine (see prize chart)


  • All patients must sign Whispers Estate waiver and follow all house rules.
  • Patients will be ALONE at all times and must not speak to any other patients.
  • Patients must be able to ‘go’ 12 hours without smoking & minimal eating & drinking.
  • Water & light snack will be provided during the quarantine.
  • Patients are not allowed any electronic ‘gadgets’ during the event, including, but not limited to; cellphones, cameras, media-players, etc. unless otherwise pre-approved by quarantine staff. (If in doubt, ask!)
  • No sleeping allowed in the house during this special event.
  • Only one patient per household for this event

Patients that break, or fail or unable to comply, with any of the above conditions, will automatically fail the challenge/event, be ‘discharged’ and must immediately leave property.


  • Honorable mention and their photo on website, newsletter, facebook.
  • Special t-shirt, commemorative.
  • weekday private investigation for 6ppl (total) and 1 large pizza. (Sun-Thur) exception for dates apply. (redeemable between December-March or July-November)

** NOTE:  Event subject to change.  Rules and conditions apply.  Whispers Estate is not responsible for lost or stolen items, so please leave all valuables at home (or your car, or with a friend).

Please review rules/conditions for this event. If they make you uncomfortable, or you are unable to comply, then please do not apply for this event. Participation in this event is at your own risk.